Here’s How You Can Fight False Criminal Charges in Pensacola

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Here’s How You Can Fight False Criminal Charges in Pensacola

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Crimes that involve sexual assault or misconduct are some of the most aggressively prosecuted crimes in criminal courts across Florida. Between the public outrage that can erupt and the sensitive nature of these crimes, there is often a great incentive for police and prosecutors to come down hard on alleged offenders.

This can be critical to remember if you have recently been wrongfully accused of sexual misconduct. The reality of these allegations, wrongful or not, is that you can be at a great disadvantage from the very beginning.

In order to defend yourself and level the playing field, you will want to have a legal representative by your side.

What to Do When You Are Falsely Accused of a Crime in Pensacola

You will do well to be mindful of the following three things in the event you are accused of a crime:

  • Say Nothing to No One

Remember that anything you say can and will be used against you. If the police start asking you questions, remain calm and plead your innocence. Don’t try to explain or provide any sort of details. The police may or may not read you your Miranda rights, but you must exercise your right to remain silent.

Avoid disclosing anything about your allegations to anyone, including your family members. Your statements can be subpoenaed to testify against you later on. Inconsistent statements can be used against you as well. Do not, under any circumstances, admit fault.

  • Consult a Pensacola Criminal Defense Attorney

Make it a point to speak to your attorney before you talk to anyone else. The discussions with the attorney are protected under attorney-client privilege. Divulge all the details as every bit will equip him/her to help you in the following ways:

    • If someone is threatening to report you to the police on false charges, your attorney may be able to put a stop to the accuser’s extortions.
    • Your attorney will be able to guide you whenever the police want to question you.
    • You attorney will be able to determine if charges have actually been filed and for exactly which crimes.
    • In case there is little or no evidence of unlawful activity on your part, your attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor and try to get the charges decreased or dismissed altogether.
  • Sue for Defamation

A false accusation has the power to ruin your reputation both personally and professionally. In such a case, you may be able to claim for defamation. Your attorney will have to prove that a defendant’s statement to a third party harmed your reputation and caused you damages.

Legal Help Is Just a Call Away

It is best to consult a criminal defense attorney, Pensacola, FL for in-depth advice. Only sound legal counsel will help you avoid making any statements that could later be taken out of context or used against you in court.

In many cases, particularly those involving a person wrongfully accused of a crime, there is an instinct to immediately start talking to defend yourself. However, this can and does backfire, which is why it is crucial to have an attorney present when talking to police.

How Our Pensacola Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

An attorney can challenge police procedures and evidence against you. Illegal searches, coaching witnesses and lying are all underhanded ways that people try to make sex crime charges stick, and they can lead to a wrongful conviction if they go unchallenged.

While it may not feel like it when you are sitting in handcuffs or facing public scrutiny, you are innocent until proven guilty. And even when it feels like the chips are stacked against you, you must remember that you have the right to defend yourself.

Our attorneys know that being accused of a sex crime is a scary and upsetting experience, but you do not have to go through it alone. With our help, you can work to defend your rights and protect your reputation, freedom, and future. For more information on our firm, please visit our website.

Contact an Experienced Pensacola Criminal Defense Attorney

Being accused of a crime you did not commit can leave you feeling frustrated and even hopeless. However, all is not lost. Our criminal defense attorney, Pensacola, FL will stand with you in your fight to clear your name of false charges. Call us at (850) 457-6002 for a initial consultation. Alternatively, you can reach us via email.



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