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When you plead guilty or are convicted of a criminal offense in Florida, it is often preferable to receive a period of probation. Probation generally means that you will not have to serve a jail sentence, and you can live at home, continue to work, and be a part of your community. However, probation also involves compliance with numerous conditions set by the judge and your probation officer.
If you are accused of violating the conditions of your probation, you can face serious consequences, including having your probation revoked and serving a jail sentence. You are able to defend against the allegations to prevent consequences, so you should seek help from a Pensacola probation violation defense lawyer right away. Contact the Law Office of James M. Burns for assistance.

The Probation Violation Process

There are many possible probation violations that your probation officer might allege, including:

  • Not reporting to your probation officer
  • Leaving town without permission
  • Not maintaining employment or education
  • Failing a drug test or not submitting to a required drug test
  • Going to establishments that are prohibited
  • Associating with other criminal offenders

If you are accused of a serious violation of probation , the officer can report you to the court, which can issue a warrant for your arrest. If you encounter law enforcement officers, they can arrest you on the spot, and you will likely not get bail. You will have a probation revocation hearing, where the judge will determine whether you violated your probation and, if so, what punishment to impose. This can include jail time, stricter probation terms, longer probation, and more. Pensacola Foley Navarre.

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The Law Office of James M. Burns provides defense representation for clients facing probation revocation. Contact us online or call 850-457-6002 to speak with a Pensacola probation violation attorney right away.